What is Marketing Representative?

Marketing Representative refers to any individuals who are not a licensed holder dealing in derivatives under Securities Commission of Malaysia. They are allowed to refer clients to Kenanga Futures who are interested to trade in derivatives.

What are the criteria to become Marketing Representative?

  • Any individual at 21 years old and above
  • Must not be a licensed holder dealing in derivatives under Securities Commission of Malaysia.
  • Satisfy the minimum qualification and experience requirements as set out below:

    • Minimum with a degree or professional qualification or diploma from an institution recognised by the government of Malaysia; and
    • Completed a two-day familiarisation programme and passed the required assessment at the end of the familiarisation programme.

What are the benefits of becoming Marketing Representative?

Working nine-to-five will make you feel tired? Marketing Representative provides you flexibility to manage your own time and schedule

Refer a friend who is interested to trade derivatives to us and get paid from the referral activities

A great gig to earn a side income while you still can maintain your core business or job

Opportunities to learn, grow and develop your knowledge in derivatives

DO’s and DON’Ts as a
Marketing Representative


  • Arranging for the customer to meet with or speak to Kenanga Futures
  • Forwarding customer’s particulars to Kenanga Futures
  • Providing the customer with factual information relating to products and services offered by Kenanga Futures including conducting presentations
  • Provide client support services such as forwarding futures related information to clients
  • Refer clients to a licensed person if the client asks for specific recommendation or advice on a capital market product
  • Inform the client of any remuneration scheme and its amount in relation to Marketing Representative activity, if requested by the client


  • Not allowed to give advice or provide recommendation in relation to dealing in derivatives
  • Prohibited from carrying out suitability assessment of clients and providing clients with specific recommendation
  • Must not take clients’ orders, execute trades, handle or accept clients’ monies or give transactional advice to clients

How to become
Marketing Representative?

Step 1

Inform Kenanga Futures that you are interested to become Marketing Representative

Step 2

Complete the necessary forms and submit required supporting documents

Step 3

Complete a 2-day familiarization program to be conducted by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) and pass the required assessment

Step 4

Sign the Letter of Appointment and Marketing Representative Agreement with Kenanga Futures

Step 5

Finally, you are a registered Marketing Representative with Kenanga Futures!

Let’s start your Marketing Representative journey with Kenanga Futures!

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