KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ

Real-Time Customised Online Order Management System for Listed Derivatives Trading

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Secured, advance and

KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ is Kenanga Futures Sdn Bhd’s Order Management System (OMS) which is secured, advance and equipped with most comprehensive functionality to support listed derivatives trading activity.

User friendly

The online derivatives trading platform is efficiently designed to offer users a friendly trading experience suited for all level of traders from beginners to professionals. We offer KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ as an easy to deploy solution on both desktop trading platform and mobile application.

Flexibility at your fingertips

The platform is enhanced to access not only Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) listed products but also Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) products. With KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ, you can access BMD, CME and HKEX listed products, monitor prices with real-time market data, analyse market trend with technical indicators and manages trade; all at the flexibility at your fingertips.

KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ Features

Multi-factor authentification feature

Real-time calculation of profit & loss and account margining

Multi-currency portfolio

Synthetic order type

Real-time account balance summary

Real-time technical chart with indicators

Start trading with
KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ

Open an account

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Deposit a minimum
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*Initial margin requirement subject to change from time to time.


Access to both
local & foreign market
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KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ

KDF TradeActiveᵀᴹ for Desktop

Minimum system requirement : (update)
√ CPU: Intel i5 / i7 or above
√ RAM: 4GB or above
√ OS: Windows 10 32 bit or above (64 bit recommended)
√ Microsoft Excel 2010 and above
√ Acrobat Reader 4 and above
√ .Net Framework 2.5 (minimum), .Net Framework 3.5 (required), .Net Framework 4.5.2 (required) and above
√ Java 7 and above (latest version recommended)
Frequently Asked Questions
How to be a user of KDF TradeActive™?

You are required to sign up as a Kenanga Futures’ client.

*Minimum age requirement to open a derivatives trading account is 18 years old and or above.

Any fee or charges imposed in order to use KDF TradeActive™?

No, KDF TradeActive™ is a complimentary trading platform for Kenanga Futures’ clients. However, we reserve the right to impose the live market data fee on CME Group products subject to CME prevailing rate.

What markets can I access through KDF TradeActive™?

KDF TradeActive™ allow clients access to trade BMD, CME and HKEX listed derivatives products.

Will there be any guides on how to use KDF TradeActive™?

Yes, you may refer to the KDF TradeActiveTM User Guide (all new clients will receive this). Alternatively, you may contact our dealing desk at +603 2172 3820 or email to [email protected]

Can I use KDF TradeActive™ on my computer and my mobile devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can. However, the system only allows ONE (1) login at a time. Hence, the login at your computer will be logged out automatically once you have login KDF TradeActive™ via mobile devices or vice versa.